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Website Optimization Through Affiliate Marketing

Website Optimization Through Affiliate Marketing

There will be so many considerations you have to make before stepping up on website optimization. Most people say that content is the most important thing that keeps the Internet alive and it is probably true but only to a certain extent. The reality is content alone will not guarantee that a website’s potentials will be fully maximized. There are other things you need to do to optimize your site and harvest a great volume of traffic to achieve commercial success.

There are many things involved in the process of making your site more visible to Internet users but the first thing you’ll need to ensure is that your website hosting platform allows you the use of Google AdSense. This is a very powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to earn money just by having your site alone. Using it needs you to register for a Google account and supply details of such account to your domain. Once you have entered all the necessary information, Google will automatically fill your site with ads relevant to the type of business you have. Each time a user clicks on any of those ads, you will get a commission which could be anything from a few cents up to a few dollars. While this sounds too little an amount, that money can add up to a nice amount if there is considerable traffic to the site. This is why you wouldn’t want to miss taking advantage of this before concentrating on optimizing your site. Before getting all those visitors, you’re going to need something else with which to maximize your profit and this tool is a perfect example.

There’s actually more ways than one that a link on your website can earn you profit. If these links are to affiliate sites, there is a high possibility that you also gain revenue out of affiliate sales. This is why it is highly recommendable for you to get affiliate accounts first before embarking on any website optimization efforts. Choosing an affiliate site will, of course, depend on what type of content you have on your site and it is naturally best to hook up with one that relates the closest to your business.

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Stop Affiliate Marketing Right Now

Stop Affiliate Marketing Right Now

Since the mid 90’s everyone and their mother has been trying to devise different ways to make money online.  The problem most people face though is that they spend too much time reading about what other people are doing, and not enough time implementing different methods themselves.

There are many misconceptions about affiliate marketing and making money from home on the Internet, and if you currently believe any of the statements I’ve listed below – you better stop now while you’re ahead because you will be wasting your time and money.

You can make money in affiliate marketing without any work.

This is one of, if not the biggest mistakes most newbie affiliates make when getting into the game.  They expect to press some magic button, go to bed and wake up with 1000’s of dollars in their back account.  They are told that making money as an affiliate is so easy that a 5 year old can do it.  These are lies.  Affiliate marketing, like any other industry, requires blood, sweat and tears to make it work.  You have to study the market, make mistakes and know when to walk away.

You don’t need money to be a successful affiliate marketer

Again, a total misconception.  No wonder why so many people go nowhere with affiliate marketing!  Sure, you can most definitely start off in affiliate marketing with zero investment – after all, there are so many free blog services out there such as Blogspot and WordPress, but eventually you will need to step your game up and invest in various tools, services, resources as well as possible outsourcing if you plan to make your business “hands-off”.

With affiliate marketing, you will be able to quit your job in 3 months

Now I’m not saying it is impossible to quit your job within three months of starting affiliate marketing, but in actuality, unless you have a lot of money, time and connections to help you skip many of the common speed bumps, there is no way you’re going to crack the system and quit your job in 3 months.  Affiliate marketing requires daily dedication.  It requires your time, money and care to help it grow.  Your building a business, not quitting a job.

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Marketing Affiliate Products With Blogspot

Marketing Affiliate Products With Blogspot

How can you top Google and get free traffic to your affiliate offers?  Great question, and luckily for you and I Google owns and operates one of the largest free blog networks on the Internet:  Blogger aka Blogspot.  Because these free blogs are owned by Google, they have a tendency to carry a lot of link juice and generate great traffic.

In reality, there are endless ways to promote your latest affiliate venture, some are paid and some are free.  It’s no secret that when you’re first starting out with affiliate marketing you are going to try and use as many free resources available.  As you start making money, you will cycle those funds back into your business for various expenses like web hosting, domain names and PPC advertising.

This is where using Blogger blogs can help you make money online.

You can set up a free blogspot blog to promote the product itself, or you can use the blogspot blog to funnel traffic to your main website.  Regardless, you will find Google has made this service extremely user friendly and you can have a blog set up in a matter of minutes.

If you’re using a blogspot blog to direct traffic to you main page, there are some important points you want to consider.  First, be sure that the content you put on this blog is unique, targeted and easy to read.  Use your main keyword in the blogspot address, for example,  Also use the keyword in the title of your articles, category names and for the links within the article content.

This will help you rank very well for your selected keywords in the major search engines, as well as leave no questions unanswered with regards to what your blog is about, the product or service you are promoting and what they need to do next in order to purchase or find out more information.

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Affiliate Marketing Insider: Are You Next?

Affiliate Marketing Insider: Are You Next?

Are you the next affiliate marketing insider?  Do you think you might have what it takes to become the next “go-to” person in the affiliate marketing industry?  If so, what steps are you planning to take that will solidify your status as the ultimate inside man when it comes to success in the affiliate marketing game?

Before you begin mapping out your quest for affiliate marketing domination, there is one vital point you need to consider when you apply for the position of affiliate aficionado:  Perception is EVERYTHING!

You don’t neccessarily have to be an expert on a particular subject to be perceived as one – especially when the internet gets thrown into the mix.  Of course, being an affiliate insider means that you are required to be up to date with industry news, new product lauches and the latest insider information.  This information is not only valuable to you as an affiliate yourself, but it’s also information that can be attached to a price tag – people will pay for insider info!

To become the next affiliate insider, consider setting  a daily schedule of visiting other insider blogs and communities.  Taking part in the forums, participating in contests and comment regularly on related blogs will quickly bring eyes and ears to you and your philosophy.  This might take some time initially, but once the buzz has begun you will have no problems attracting hungry affiliates who are willing to read – and subscribe to – your content.

Visibility is key when joining the ranks of gurus and guru-wannabe’s.  If you are dedicated to your market and eliminate all fear of breaking new ground or potentially rubbing someone the wrong way, you will earn the respect of your peers.

Remember, nobody has ever found success in this world by being a follower.  You must be original with your thoughts, methods and concepts in order to maintain your level of industry status.  The second you start sounding live everyone else, you are sure to lose your insider badge – so be yourself and you’ll be just fine!

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YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that out of all the traffic circulating in and out of the internet 12% of that traffic goes straight to YouTube?  I know it’s hard to comprehend that in an actual numerical format, but it’s the truth.  When certain technologies and communities heavily influence consumers, it is our responsibility as affiliate marketers to decipher and capitalize on unique opportunites to connect with our target audience – and YouTube affiliate marketing is a great way to start!

I know you’re probably thinking that you don’t know the first thing about producing and editing videos, but the reality is that you really don’t need any of these specific skills to take advantage of the hoards of traffic on YouTube as an affiliate.  Here are a few points to consider which will get you on your way:

What will your video be about?

Well this depends entirely on the product or service you are promoting.  Review and testimonial style videos usually work well – especially if you’re doing the testimonial yourself!  If you prefer not to be in front of the camera, you can put together a slide show using Powerpoint or Camtasia with different slides and screen shots accompanied by text and of course the url for the viewer to visit at the beginning, middle and ending of the video.

You might want to also consider doing a how-to style video and splitting it up into parts – with links to each part in the more info section of the video profile.  Remeber, you want to have your affiliate links right at the top of the more info section so that the user can find it and click it without doing anything extra.

How can I get the more clicks to my offer?

Just like researching keywords to optimize your website and content, you want to include these same keywords and phrases in your video title, tags and description.  I suggest using your top ten tags as well as keeping the title relatively to the point – this doesn’t mean it can’t be long – it just simply means that keep it keyword focused.

By optimizing your uploaded video, people will naturally start visiting the page via the search field on YouTube.  Another great way to get traffic is by commenting on other peoples videos – especially those which are related to the product or niche market that you are promoting.  Following these simple steps will increase your chances of YouTube affiliate marketing profits.

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Killer Tips For Affiliate Marketing Newbies

Killer Tips For Affiliate Marketing Newbies

Almost anybody who has read a marketing book in their lifetime will have heard about Pareto’s Law.  It is essentially the concept of 80/20 and with affiliate marketing it definitely holds true.  It’s a fact that 20% of affiliates online produce 80% of the market sales.  This means that out of the millions of affiliates online only 20% of them are actually doing anything with this opportunity – while the other 80% get lost in the shuffle of sales pages and push-button products.

To help better your chances, here are 3 killer tips to help affiliate marketing newbies increase their chances of success online.  Read these affiliate marketing tips and put them into action today.

Always cloak your affiliate links

Many affiliates get commissions stolen because their links are visible to the public – this is not good.  Be sure that you cloak your affiliate link, as well as keep it short and sweet.  People do not click on long, suspicious links so try to implement a php script or a plugin like GoCodes to make your linking life easier.

Never compromise content

Content is king on the web.  Whatever you do, whether it’s writing your own content or outsourcing it, make sure that your articles are fresh, unique, targeted and engaging.  These prerequisites apply for sales copy, ebooks, blog posts and any other type of content online.  Take advantage of the many SEO article writing services available online.

Free traffic is good traffic

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an absolute must when promoting your affiliate products organically.  Gaining placement in the search engines will insure you get loads of free, targeted traffic to your review pages and offers.  Brush up on your SEO and stick to a regular schedule.  If you’d rather, you can always outsource this to an SEO expert.

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