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How To Build a Profitable Affiliate Website

How To Build a Profitable Affiliate Website

In the affiliate marketing industry, it’s imperative that you have good website as a base of operations.  The goal is to build something that people will want to visit.  Your success is based on the amount of people you can drive to the site so creating something that is well thought out will be advantageous to you.  Here we have laid out some of the most important factors to consider when staring an affiliate marketing website.

The very first step is to decide what the subject of your site is going to be.  It is a good idea to choose areas that you are interested in, to ensure that you stay motivated to maintain it.  For example, if you are a movie buff, consider a website focusing on movies, reviews and paraphernalia.  Once you have decided on a topic, start researching affiliate offers revolving around movie tickets, DVD’s, Blu-ray or electronics.  Try to choose campaigns that are directly related to the subject of you site and avoid ones that have no obvious link.

On the same token, ensure that you content is relevant to the subject.  Visitors to your site will lose faith in your authority on movies if you are posting content about kittens.  Keep you content as current as possible.  This may mean posting new content often, even once or twice a week.  By updating your content, you are ensuring that your visitors keep coming back for new information. 

Also, make sure that you are optimizing the search engines by using keywords related to your topic. This ensures that the search engines recognize your website when someone enters a specific search term.  The more new content you can add that has current keywords in it, the faster your page will rank.  Of course the goal is to have your site rank on the first page of the search engine results.  In addition, be aware that not only do search engines like audio and video, but so will your visitors.  So try to include audio and video posts.

In order to satisfy your visitors, make certain that you are hosting your site with a reliable source.  Unreliable hosting will frustrate visitors and prevent them from returning.  Similarly, keep your site clean and easy to navigate.  Although it may be tempting, refrain from overloading the site with too many affiliate marketing campaigns.  This is overwhelming to the visitor and again decreases your authority.

A great looking, easy to navigate website will exponentially increase your traffic.  By increasing the traffic to your site, you are encouraging people to click through your affiliate marketing campaigns..  Remember that visitors are most likely to trust you and your site when you are the authority on one topic and your site is designed with their convenience in mind.

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Protecting Your Clickbank Profits with Link Cloaking

Protecting Your Clickbank Profits with Link Cloaking

Anyone who’s dabbled in the world of affiliate marketing knows that protecting your information online is extremely important.  When it comes to driving traffic to your affiliate offers, link cloaking is one of the most underestimated requirements for ensuring your affiliate income is not compromised.  This is probably most vital when promoting eBooks, software and membership programs on Clickbank.

A lot of people make 6 figure incomes strictly off of utilizing pay per click advertising methods to drive traffic to the vendor-supplied or home made landing pages.  One issue that’s always been at the forefront of the Clickbank community is link cloaking.

Previously, Clickbank generated horrendous links with all sorts of ugly characters which aren’t SEO friendly or encouraging to the potential buyer.  Though they have implemented a built in link cloaking tool, many hackers and dark side marketers are still able to hijack your Clickbank affiliate links, input their user ID and steal your profits.

With the advent of social networking and real time micro-blogging sites like Twitter, url shortening services are becoming quite popular among the affiliate marketing industry.  After all, 99% of them are absolutely free with zero strings attached!  The top 3 url shortener services available are provided by Doiop, TinyURL and ReadThisUrl.  Url shortening services are effective and reliable – with the only true issue being complete control over the appearance and tracking of your affiliate links.

While using a simple chunk of html can easily accomplish the same end result, there is really no point to figuring it out if you have never done it before.  Equally enough, if you want to cloak and protect your Clickbank links, there are also several paid services available, which if you can afford, will present you with the most options.  Sometimes your tools can make or break your business, so remember to streamline your efforts and become a well oiled Clickbank profit machine!

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