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Why Affiliate Marketing Crushes Offline Business Models

Why Affiliate Marketing Crushes Offline Business Models

If 15 years ago you were told that one day people would be sitting on their computers, selling other peoples products and making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year – you would have responded in disbelief.  The fact of the matter is that affiliate marketing has quickly become one of the most profitable business models in the history of business.  And with the rise of affiliate marketing related membership courses, tutorials and training products available, generating a better than full time income from affiliate marketing commissions can easily be accomplished in 12 months.
To better understand the benefits of affiliate marketing compared to most traditional offline business models; let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people are choosing the affiliate marketing path:

  • Compared to offline business, affiliate marketing businesses require almost zero overhead.  One can operate a successful affiliate marketing set up with a lap top, printer, phone line, Paypal account and registered business name.  Setting up a home office is an easy task, and often requires very little investment to create a productive environment.  No liability insurance, commercial lease of employees required.
  • Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to maintain a stock of products.  Not having to store physical products translates into ridding your business of pesky fees involved with leasing storage space, man hours to log the inventory and associated shipping costs.
  • You are not tied to one single market.  While many can argue that you can have several offline businesses in various markets, the odds that one person can effectively manage those businesses is highly unlikely; their expenses would be through the roof!  With affiliate marketing you can hop from niche to niche, test the waters, accumulate statistical data and launch your “store front” for free.  The only cost is time and maybe a few domain names.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to convince someone of the many benefits presented with affiliate marketing.  If you have the desire to quit your job, work for yourself, spend more time with your family and ultimately live a more fulfilling life – than affiliate marketing might be what you’ve been looking for!  Just keep in mind that making things “work” will take time, sweat, money and sleepless nights, but the rewards are plentiful if you stick with it.

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