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$1.99 Godaddy Domain Discount Coupon Code

$1.99 Godaddy Domain Discount Coupon Code

Another of those really cheap Coupon Discount Code from my favorite registrar Godaddy. This time around its for $1.99 Domain!!!

The code is WINTER199 and can be used for all major extentions at $1.99 + ICANN Fees

The coupon code will be expiring after 10,000 redemptions, so better hurry up. I registered a .com domain. I really like Godaddy in this regard that they always have coupon codes that will significantly reduce the price. This is specially true if you have a lot of domains, and need to renew them year after year. Godaddy also floats these ultra cheap coupons from time to time, you just need to be on top of them to take advantage. Feel free to add some coupon codes that you know of in the comments.

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Setting up my Goals for 2012

Setting up my Goals for 2012

I strongly believe that in order to be successful in any career, one must set out goals – short term and long term. In my case, the long term goal is to make enough money online with Affiliate Marketing so as to make it a full time gig. Obviously I have other goals in my life, but these goals are relevant to my business life. To reach this goal, I have broken it down like this:

Goal for 2012

  • Update my existing websites
  • Build out 50 quality websites
  • Make at least $1000.00 per month

To reach the above goal, I need to:

  • Build one website a week. The website should be complete with:
  1. Custom Header Banner/Logo
  2. Quality articles/content (minimum 5 articles), monetized with Affiliate programs and Ad-sense
  3. With as much as possible SEO work done. (I will address the “SEO work” required in some other post.)

To build one website a week, I need to:

So these are my short term and long term goals for the year 2012. Pretty simple – that’s the way I like it. I will add more details or modify them as the year chugs along.

Ok, time to get back to the first goal – Building WordPress Website Template

What are your goals for 2012?

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Building a WordPress Website Template

Building a WordPress Website Template

This post is the first in a series of posts that I plan to write detailing all the steps to build out a WordPress Website Template that would be used for Affiliate Marketing Websites or to just create an income generating websites. I have chosen WordPress as the development platform for various reasons:

  • It is really easy to build nice looking websites with full functionality
  • Vast selection of great looking Themes for every kind of website – free and paid
  • Vast selection of really useful Plugins library – free and paid
  • No need to learn coding to make great looking websites
  • Support is readily available at and various forums

The reason I want to build a WordPress Website Template is that with a template, I can deploy a website within an hour. The amount of time that it takes to configure a WordPress website so that it is ready for content is quite significant (2-4 hours). Imagine if you want to build 5 to 10 websites in a month, and each time you had to spend 2 – 4 hours, just to get your WordPress website configured. This is a great time-saver.

I will divide the template building into following posts/topics.

  • Installing WordPress Manually
  • Adding select plugins, configuring them, and explaining what they do
  • Adding basic website pages
  • Configuring WordPress – Menus, Pages, Posts etc.
  • Saving the WordPress Template and cloning/duplicating it to another domain/account

I might add some more posts to the above list. This will be a sort of living document where it will evolve as I write a post for each topic and discover new things and techniques. I will detail all the steps with screen-shots. This will not only benefit anyone who wants to rapidly build WordPress based websites for Affiliate Marketing or monetizing/income earning, but it will also server as a document for me. I hope you will enjoy this series as I am really excited to start building tons of really neat income generating websites.

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