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How To Choose Low Risk Affiliate Programs

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How To Choose Low Risk Affiliate Programs

Beginning your journey into affiliate marketing can seem quite daunting at first.  You need to get a website or blog and decide how you’re going to present – and market – the product you are promoting effectively enough to generate targeted traffic and earn steady commissions.  Many people think these are the first steps towards making money online, but in actuality you need to conduct some research on the potential markets, followed by finding a suitable affiliate program.

A big problem inexperienced affiliates face on a regular basis is putting all of their eggs into one basket, and then suffering loss when that company goes out of business.  Remember, affiliate programs come and go, so it’s vital that you go with a company that is low risk and reliable.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing your next affiliate program:

What’s their track record like?

How many owners has the company had?  How long has their affiliate program been active, and during that time how consistent have their numbers been?  How many affiliates do they currently have?  These are all relevant questions you can ask any affiliate manager or webmaster prior to signing up for their program.  Stability is important.

Do they have adequate affiliate resources?

The last thing you want to do is build a killer website to promote some product, only to find out that their affiliate center consists of 2 banners and a text link.  This is not going to cut it and will only cost you time and money down the road for custom graphics etc… A professional affiliate center will have different sized banners, pre-written text ads, articles and even mini site templates for you to use.  The more resources for you, the better!

How diverse is their program?

Can you link directly to specific product/category pages?  Or are you limited to home page linking only?  Being able to link directly to a product is key if you want to maintain a steady CTR (click through ratio).  What about their payment options?  Are you paid once a month or weekly?  Do they allow payment via Paypal or are you limited to direct deposit or check?  If you’re planning to make a living with affiliate marketing – these questions will save you tons of accounting time down the road.  Researching the points I listed above will insure your ride is smooth into affiliate stardom!

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