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Marketing Affiliate Products With Blogspot

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Marketing Affiliate Products With Blogspot

How can you top Google and get free traffic to your affiliate offers?  Great question, and luckily for you and I Google owns and operates one of the largest free blog networks on the Internet:  Blogger aka Blogspot.  Because these free blogs are owned by Google, they have a tendency to carry a lot of link juice and generate great traffic.

In reality, there are endless ways to promote your latest affiliate venture, some are paid and some are free.  It’s no secret that when you’re first starting out with affiliate marketing you are going to try and use as many free resources available.  As you start making money, you will cycle those funds back into your business for various expenses like web hosting, domain names and PPC advertising.

This is where using Blogger blogs can help you make money online.

You can set up a free blogspot blog to promote the product itself, or you can use the blogspot blog to funnel traffic to your main website.  Regardless, you will find Google has made this service extremely user friendly and you can have a blog set up in a matter of minutes.

If you’re using a blogspot blog to direct traffic to you main page, there are some important points you want to consider.  First, be sure that the content you put on this blog is unique, targeted and easy to read.  Use your main keyword in the blogspot address, for example, http://dogcareguide.blogspot.com.  Also use the keyword in the title of your articles, category names and for the links within the article content.

This will help you rank very well for your selected keywords in the major search engines, as well as leave no questions unanswered with regards to what your blog is about, the product or service you are promoting and what they need to do next in order to purchase or find out more information.

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