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Affiliate Marketing Conventions: Networking For Newbies

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Affiliate Marketing Conventions: Networking For Newbies

I’m sure at this point in your “make money online” career – regardless of how young it may be – you’ve received at least one email from an affiliate marketing guru raving about the latest and greatest affiliate marketing conventions.  With around 20 major events across North America and Europe every year, it’s hard to resist the urge to save up some cash, get a plane ticket and schmooze with the affiliate industry experts.

If you’re considering attenting an affiliate marketing convention this year, there are some points you should consider before taking the leap.  Hopefully this list will help you get the most of your convention experience!

What are your goals?

Are you interested in beefing up your Pay Per Click game?  How about networking and meeting specific players in the industry?  It is important to write out your goals before hand so that way you can reap the many benefits of your first affiliate convention without feeling overwhelmed.  Make a list of the keynote speeches you want to sit in on, which after parties you plan to attend and any other workshops worth checking out.

How will you brand yourself?

When you think of affiliate marketing and branding, who’s the first person that comes to mind?  For me it’s Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoney.  When he was starting out he would walk around conventions with Shoemoney t-shirts and other swag – this obviously caught some industry attention.  Whether it’s your domain name stamped on a hoodie or some promotional beer mugs, do not attend a convention without your visible brand and business cards.

Important: Have fun!

At the end of the day, attending your first affiliate marketing convention should be about having fun.  Be yourself, shake as many hands as you can and let everyone know who you are and what you’re about.  I can almost guarantee that your first affiliate marketing convention will be one to remember.

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