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The Future Of Affiliate Marketing

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The Future Of Affiliate Marketing

It seems that everyone and their mother is dabbling in affiliate marketing these days.  With computers and the internet readily accessible, what effect does this have on the affiliate marketing industry and the much anticipated affiliate marketing future?  Are we in trouble?  With all these people online is there still legitimate opportunity to make money online as an affiliate?  Well to understand where we’re going, let’s take a look back to where affiliate marketing began.

Now you will find many online publications, blogs and gurus debating this very topic.  A popular pioneer of the affiliate marketing model is Amazon.com and CEO Jeff Bezos.  It is said that in July of 1996 Amazon.com launched their associates program, allowing website and product owners to generate commissions through selling on – and promoting – the Amazon marketplace.  While this sounds correct, many people are still debating the authenticity of this claim.

It’s actually speculated by many high profile internet entrepreneurs that the first affiliate marketing programs started within the adult entertainment industry.  Believe it or not, many terms we use today were first coined from the adult side of e-business.  That segment of the industry is also directly responsible for breakthroughs in streaming audio/video technology – which is crucial to the Web 2.0 world we all live in today.

The future of affiliate marketing is definitely a bright one.  When you consider how far the industry has come and how many people have acheived financial prosperity from the comforts of their home – it’s very engaging.  Though the opportunities are plentiful, do realize that even though affiliate marketing is available to anyone with a dream, one thing that will not change is this:  there are no magic buttons.

Affiliate marketing requires a fundamental understanding of how consumers think, how the internet functions and how you can place yourself and product between the customer and their destination.  These factors will always remain.

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