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Green Affiliate Marketing = Growth Opportunity

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Green Affiliate Marketing = Growth Opportunity

It’s no secret that going green and the eco friendly lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular during these tough economical times.  The real question though is how does this – if at all – affect the affiliate marketing and make money online industries?  Well, it would take an idiot not to see the opportunities presented with green affiliate marketing.

As this niche continues to expand and grow, so does affiliate marketing.  With each new green product there is a chance for affiliate income.  As businesses expand, so does the need to reach a broader audience and with progressive “go green” companies sprouting everyday, publishers have more than enough space to make their mark.

One of the more prominent factors affecting the green affiliate marketing boom can be traced directly back to the consumer.  When financial times get difficult the consumer naturally begins to seek out ways in which they can be more economical.

Whether this means eating only local, organic produce or installing solar panels on their roof to subsidize the cost of electricity – the consumer is becoming more aware of their footprint and the different ways they can save time, health and money.

Luckily for us, many of the major affiliate networks are up on the latest consumer trends and spending habits.  This means that finding “green” advertisers wont be difficult as an affiliate.  Clickbank is a great place to start – and though consisting of mainly digital products – it’s still very lucrative to get into promoting digital info products.  After all, most people come online when they are looking for an answer to a question – why not be there to tell them about some of the great communities and companies which can provide them with a solution?

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