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Affiliate Marketing Through Social Media Outlets

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Affiliate Marketing Through Social Media Outlets

Today, social media and social networking is the name of the game. People want to connect, they want streamlined information and they want it as quick and convenient as possible. The nature of social media causes events and information to spread at an extremely fast rate, and in the last few years this has created a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers to cash in on the self-sustained power of social networking influence among the buying public.

There are several different social media outlets which you can leverage to promote and profit from affiliate offers. It is important to note that each of these social networks have unique features which set them apart from each other. Equally enough, they also have similarities such as creating profiles; adding friends and private messaging/message board functions.

Below is a list of the most popular social networks and how affiliates use them to generate traffic:

  • Twitter – Probably the most popular and profitable social networking platform available for affiliate marketers. Having a tightly knit network of followers, sometimes across multiple Twitter accounts, can generate massive leads when used correctly. As an affiliate marketer you can blast useful links via your Twitter account to your followers, who will then click the link and hopefully head to the affiliate offer page.
  • Facebook – In a very close second place, Facebook is used by affiliate marketers to create networks focused around a particular niche or interest. With the ability to create groups and even promote events, Facebook has a lot more options, but also requires a bit more work to get the traffic heading in the right direction. Once mastered, it can be quite lucrative.
  • Forums – While some wouldn’t consider forums to be social networks, I beg to differ. In actuality, they are the original social network. Becoming and authority in a niche related forum can bring laser-targeted traffic to your links; which would typically be placed in the “signature” or footer of your individual publically viewed profile and threads.

While many top earning affiliate marketers will stick to more immediate methods of generating traffic, such as Google Adwords, The risks with social media marketing are much less harmful. By integrated social networking into your affiliate promotions, you will be up to date and on point with the latest and greatest source of traffic and prospective leads. Be patient and it will pay off.

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Website Optimization Through Affiliate Marketing

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Website Optimization Through Affiliate Marketing

There will be so many considerations you have to make before stepping up on website optimization. Most people say that content is the most important thing that keeps the Internet alive and it is probably true but only to a certain extent. The reality is content alone will not guarantee that a website’s potentials will be fully maximized. There are other things you need to do to optimize your site and harvest a great volume of traffic to achieve commercial success.

There are many things involved in the process of making your site more visible to Internet users but the first thing you’ll need to ensure is that your website hosting platform allows you the use of Google AdSense. This is a very powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to earn money just by having your site alone. Using it needs you to register for a Google account and supply details of such account to your domain. Once you have entered all the necessary information, Google will automatically fill your site with ads relevant to the type of business you have. Each time a user clicks on any of those ads, you will get a commission which could be anything from a few cents up to a few dollars. While this sounds too little an amount, that money can add up to a nice amount if there is considerable traffic to the site. This is why you wouldn’t want to miss taking advantage of this before concentrating on optimizing your site. Before getting all those visitors, you’re going to need something else with which to maximize your profit and this tool is a perfect example.

There’s actually more ways than one that a link on your website can earn you profit. If these links are to affiliate sites, there is a high possibility that you also gain revenue out of affiliate sales. This is why it is highly recommendable for you to get affiliate accounts first before embarking on any website optimization efforts. Choosing an affiliate site will, of course, depend on what type of content you have on your site and it is naturally best to hook up with one that relates the closest to your business.

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