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Building a WordPress Website Template

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Building a WordPress Website Template

This post is the first in a series of posts that I plan to write detailing all the steps to build out a WordPress Website Template that would be used for Affiliate Marketing Websites or to just create an income generating websites. I have chosen WordPress as the development platform for various reasons:

  • It is really easy to build nice looking websites with full functionality
  • Vast selection of great looking Themes for every kind of website – free and paid
  • Vast selection of really useful Plugins library – free and paid
  • No need to learn coding to make great looking websites
  • Support is readily available at WordPress.org and various forums

The reason I want to buildĀ a WordPress Website Template is that with a template, I can deploy a website within an hour. The amount of time that it takes to configure a WordPress website so that it is ready for content is quite significant (2-4 hours). Imagine if you want to build 5 to 10 websites in a month, and each time you had to spend 2 – 4 hours, just to get your WordPress website configured. This is a great time-saver.

I will divide the template building into following posts/topics.

  • Installing WordPress Manually
  • Adding select plugins, configuring them, and explaining what they do
  • Adding basic website pages
  • Configuring WordPress – Menus, Pages, Posts etc.
  • Saving the WordPress Template and cloning/duplicating it to another domain/account

I might add some more posts to the above list. This will be a sort of living document where it will evolve as I write a post for each topic and discover new things and techniques. I will detail all the steps with screen-shots. This will not only benefit anyone who wants to rapidly build WordPress based websites for Affiliate Marketing or monetizing/income earning, but it will also server as a document for me. I hope you will enjoy this series as I am really excited to start building tons of really neat income generating websites.

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