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YouTube Affiliate Marketing

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YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that out of all the traffic circulating in and out of the internet 12% of that traffic goes straight to YouTube?  I know it’s hard to comprehend that in an actual numerical format, but it’s the truth.  When certain technologies and communities heavily influence consumers, it is our responsibility as affiliate marketers to decipher and capitalize on unique opportunites to connect with our target audience – and YouTube affiliate marketing is a great way to start!

I know you’re probably thinking that you don’t know the first thing about producing and editing videos, but the reality is that you really don’t need any of these specific skills to take advantage of the hoards of traffic on YouTube as an affiliate.  Here are a few points to consider which will get you on your way:

What will your video be about?

Well this depends entirely on the product or service you are promoting.  Review and testimonial style videos usually work well – especially if you’re doing the testimonial yourself!  If you prefer not to be in front of the camera, you can put together a slide show using Powerpoint or Camtasia with different slides and screen shots accompanied by text and of course the url for the viewer to visit at the beginning, middle and ending of the video.

You might want to also consider doing a how-to style video and splitting it up into parts – with links to each part in the more info section of the video profile.  Remeber, you want to have your affiliate links right at the top of the more info section so that the user can find it and click it without doing anything extra.

How can I get the more clicks to my offer?

Just like researching keywords to optimize your website and content, you want to include these same keywords and phrases in your video title, tags and description.  I suggest using your top ten tags as well as keeping the title relatively to the point – this doesn’t mean it can’t be long – it just simply means that keep it keyword focused.

By optimizing your uploaded video, people will naturally start visiting the page via the search field on YouTube.  Another great way to get traffic is by commenting on other peoples videos – especially those which are related to the product or niche market that you are promoting.  Following these simple steps will increase your chances of YouTube affiliate marketing profits.

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Make Money With YouTube’s Partnership Program

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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